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Death by Roses is an Alliance casual Raiding, Social and Leveling guild on the Dalaran Server. The guild was founded June 4th, 2010 shortly after the release of Wrath of the Lich King
Our officers are experienced players/raiders, some that have been playing since the original release of World of Warcraft.

     We have taken our years of experience with Grinding out the quests, end game content and guild management to create a guild that shows the great things about past guilds we have been in, and removes the less appealing aspects of the game. Everything that we do, we do for the guild, not for the individual. We have been together for over 4 years now and the core group of players has remained pretty much the same. We consider ourselves a family which creates a great environment to quest/raid in. We are in no way a "hardcore" guild, we are a mature and active guild. No KID games.

     We have our guild website with an fairly active forum community, a paid Mumble server, a well established and funded guild bank that does its best to meet the demands of our players/raiders when it comes to things like gemming, enchanting, flasks, repairs etc.

     Mists of Pandaria expansion was an interesting one, with lots to do and lots to see. We did get some progression in the raids and got lots of achievements. Many from our guild were chosen to test the beta and did our hardest to experience all aspects of the beta.
     We keep returning to Old Raids and continue getting lots of achievements from them, for fun. So if you have any questions ask an Elder or above.

     Warlords of Draenor The features such as Garrisons, Shipyards and Outposts and their minions interested many players into the adventure. We welcomed many new players to our guild, some were brand new to the World of Warcraft
    We raided Hellfire Citadel, we "learned the dance" in this raid encounter. Helfire Assault seemed to be an easy encouter as long as you follow Raid Leaders instructions. The Iron Reaver was a little tougher, but attainable is you stayed out of things and used the proper kill order. Helfire High Council was a bit tricky, staying out of stuff, avoiding AOE damage and learning to take them down in stages. But we as a guild seem to be up for the challenge. The rest of the Boss encounters were challenging, but we succeded in downing all in Normal and most in Heroic.

     Legion has come upon us, we have experienced new challenges.  Changes to Specs and Talents and having to relearn our rotations kept us busy for the next few weeks of the Expansion.  
      We are seeing the changes, like the additions of Order Halls and a new class, Demon Hunters, Now with the addition of the wardrobe closet, Transmogs are much easier and more appealing to the players. It really helped clean out our bags and banks.
    We leveled up fast and geared up our toons, to get ready for Raids. Enjoying World Quests, rare mobs and more specific gear drops for our toons.
    We cleared Emerald Nightmare, Tomb of Sagareas. Antorus raid on Normal mode. We are also cleared Trails of Valor normal. We got 3/11 Heroic on Antorus after much work and dedication from our guildes.
     We are all anxiously awaiting the launch of Battle for Azeroth, with all it new content, dungeons and raids. I feel that we will do great things in this next expansion. Goin into the expansion with a great group of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable players that get along well with each other. We focus on mechanics and helping each other gear up, we will down the bosses pretty easily.

       I, Kayl, as your GM and dilligently trying to increase our rosters with new members, please welcome them with open arms!
     I feel that Death by Roses is ready for the challenge, Happy Hunting. See you in game.

     We strive to help our guildes with the tougher quests and occasional runs through dungeons. We are working our way through the Legion content. We regularly run Normal & LFR's. We currently are trying to build a raiding core team. We are actively searching for more Healers, Tanks & Ranged DPS.

      If this interests you, feel free to register and check out our recruitment section of the site. If your spec and class don't match what we are looking for our needs in raiding, keep in mind that we are always looking for those with exceptional personalities and gaming ability, no matter your roles in raids.

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